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Our Practice

Dr. Castillo, NP Sarah Benjamin, and Dr. Chavey

At Emmaus Health, our goal is to recognize that every person is made in the image and likeness of God, and that we must put the dignity of the patient at the center of the physician-patient relationship. We believe that it is this dignity that makes us human and that people are not defined by their wealth, their position, their color, their gender, or their sexuality.

The Emmaus Health Mission
Emmaus Health promotes the dignity of the human person by integrating medical science with the social and moral principles of the Catholic Church. Guided by this process, we are developing a primary care model and creating educational resources, advocacy programs, and research designed to improve the health of individuals and communities, particularly the most vulnerable.

Being part of a Catholic or faith-based healthcare practice may be new to you – or maybe you’d like to learn more about Emmaus Health. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions that we hope are helpful to you.